Movie Review: Judge Singh LLB

By YoungIndia

Cast: Ravinder Grewal, BN Sharma, Chandan Prabhakar, Sardar Sohi, Harpal Singh, Hardeep Gill, Surbhi Mahendru & Anita Devgn

Direction: Atharv Baluja

Production: Ravinder Grewal Productions & Artha Film Studios

Rating: 2/5

Story: Judge Singh LLB is a story in which a politician in order to protect his son and his reputation, uses his power to frame a middle class boy in a murder actually committed by his son. The middle class boy’s mother is shocked, clueless and doesn’t have enough money to hire a good lawyer. Through one of her known, they came across a lawyer (Ravinder Grewal) who will take their case for free. Little do they know that the lawyer doesn’t hold any experience but only a degree. This poses a challenge for the inexperienced lawyer who not only has to appear in court for the first time but also save the life of an innocent person.

Review: Judge Singh LLB is a first Punjabi courtroom drama which has suspense and a decent comedy. It will keep you on the edge of your seats throughout with its situational comedy and portrayal of the loopholes in the judicial system.

Judge Singh LLB is a film where the director has given each character sufficient space to perform and be noticed. Director had done a good job. The dialogues are witty, serious and to the point.

Ravinder Grewal fits in his character of Judge Singh very well. BN Sharma, Sardar Sohi and Chandan Prabhakar had done a great job. Actors Hardeep Gill and Anita Devgan could have been used more and in a better manner. These two fine actors of the industry have been completely wasted in Judge Singh LLB. The lead actress Surbhi is only Okay!!

Somewhere the film gives you the resemblance of Bollywood film ‘Jolly LLB’.

The addition of singer-actor Balli Riar’s special appearance fit the bill. Balli returns to the silver screen after a long time and looks refreshing.

The music of the film is good but the background score is misplaced in the film. Overall, it is a one time watch film.

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