Movie Review: Mukhtiar Chadha

By YoungIndia

Cast: Diljit Dosanjh, Oshin Brar, Yashpal Sharma, Inderpal Singh & Kiran Juneja

Direction: DirectorGifty

Production: Ohri Productions & Wahid Sandhar Showbiz

Rating: 2.5/5

Story: Mukhtiar Chadha (Diljit) is living in old Delhi with his mother (Kiran) and his uncle (Inderpal). He is a property dealer by profession. Dimple (Oshin) is living in his neighbourhood. Mukhtiar’s mother runs a small antique’s shop.

Mukhtiar is so business-oriented, he doesn’t even spare his neighbour Dimple. He finds out Dimple flunked in her exams, so he starts extorting money from her to not tell her father.

Mukhtiar sales a property of his customer to a guy but unfortunately he is a don name Hussain. They tried to capture the land illegally but Mukhtiar failed their plan and they become enemy.

Review: Mukhtiar Chadha is a light-hearted comedy film with a bit of action and love. After watching the trailer everyone assumes that Diljit is again ready with a super-hit flick but all the assumptions went into vain as the story, written by Diljit Dosanjh and DirectorGifty, is lost somewhere.

Director Gifty has done a decent job. The film has been shot very well. But again the story pissed off everything from the film. Even we didn’t came to know when the two leading actors of the film fell in love with each other.

Diljit has done his job very well. A smile comes to the audience’s face the moment Diljit arrives on his brand-new red scooter, clad in a red turban. Such is his charm. Comedy isn’t just about thinking of something funny to say, but doing it quickly too. And Diljit knows it very well. He is the one and only actor, the one and only character that deserves a mention in this film and managed to keep his character afloat with his funny tactics. Diljit is a spontaneous actor of Punjabi Industry.

Now moving to the other characters, actress Oshin Brar has a good face but she needs to learn some facial expressions. Her childish voice is a failure here. And yes, she looks charming on screen. Yashpal Sharma’s act is impressive. Kiran Juneja is fine in her role of loveable mother.

Music of the film is not too good but Nooran Sister’s ‘Main Deewani’ song and Diljit’s ‘Shoo Shaan’ are too good.

All in all, if you are an avid fan of Diljit’s comedy, only then you should go and watch the film. Otherwise it is a big fat NO!!

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