Movie Review: Punjabian Da King

By Young India

Cast: Navraj Hans, Keeya Khanna, Bhanushree Mehra, Jarnail Singh, Shivendra Mahal, Hobby Dhaliwal, Bhottu Shah & Satish Kaul

Direction: Manduip Singh

Production: Surender Singh (Dashmesh Movies)

Rating: 2/5

Story: Punjabian Da King is a story of Veer (Navraj Hans), who works for Iqbal and does all the illegal works for him & gets handsome money in return. One day Iqbal gave him a contract to kill someone in village Kalot Sampla. Veer have to live there by impersonate himself.

When he reached to the village, he came to know about the elections of village panchayat & also that there are two rivals in the village named as Sarpanch Kartar Singh Chahal (Shivendra Mahal) & Balraj Singh Sandhu (Hobby Dhaliwal) and they are fighting for the elections. Kartar Singh daughter Jashan (Keeya Khanna) falls for Veer & trying to woo him. Veer avoids him but later he also fell in love with her & reveals his identity. Veer is stuck between his love & work.

Review: Punjabian Da King’ is an action-packed film which deals with the dirty politics in village. The story which is written by Manduip is strong. It is the second film of both Navraj Hans & Keeya Khanna. They both acted very well as compared to the last time. Their Dialogue delivery is good.

But there is nothing to do for Bhanushree Mehra & Jarnail Singh in the film. Beauty of Keeya Khanna & action of Navraj Hans grabbed the all lime light.

Veteran actors Shivendra Mahal and Hobby Dhaliwal are good in their roles. The title track of the film is nice. Direction of Manduip Singh is good.

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