Movie Review: Qissa Panjab

By Young India

Cast: Preet Bhullar, Aman Dhaliwal, Dheeraj Kumar, Kul Sidhu, Jagjeet Sandhu, Harshjot Kaur

Direction: Jatinder Mauhar

Production: Annu Bains (Pukhraj Production House)

Rating: 3/5

Story: Qissa Panjab is a story of six youngsters – Arjun, Kismat, Deep, Speed, Heera, Sukhjeet. The lives of these six people cross each others and brings twists and turns in the story which leads to an unexpected end.

Review: Qissa Panjab, directed by Jatinder Mauhar is known for making youth centric films. This film has all those elements of gaining appreciation as well as finding commercial success. Jatinder has given Punjabis, a reason to think about the existing state of affairs. Each and every character of the film has their own story to tell.

The film throws light on the socio economic conditions in Punjab and its youth. It touchs upon sensitive issues of drug abuse, alcoholism, status of a particular profession, girl child education, snatching and the quest of the Punjabi youth to go abroad, among other issues.

Coming to the performances, as this is a character driven film, actors Dheeraj Kumar who plays Heera, Jagjeet Sandhu as Speed, Preet Bhullar as Arjun; Kul Sidhu, who is Kismat, Harashjot Kaur playing Sukhjeet Kaur and Aman Dhaliwal as Deep, have delivered convincing performances. Each of them have justified their characters. The screenplay and story written by debutante Uday Pratap Singh needs to be applauded.

All the songs in the film are appropriate and superb; Jinde Meriye by Nooran Sisters is already a chart-buster. Overall, Qissa Panjab is a must watch film.

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