Movie Review: Rupinder Gandhi The Gangster..?

By Young India

Cast: Dev Kharoud, Kul Sidhu, Tarn Mann, Diksha Dhyani, Jagjeet Sandhu, Navdeep Kaler, Karamjit Brar, Dheeraj Kumar, Lucky Dhaliwal, Bunty Dhillon, Lally Pandher, Naginder Gakhar, Sanjeev Rai, Rupinder Rupi

Direction: Tarn Mann

Production: DreamReality Movies

Rating: 4.5/5

Story: Rupinder Gandhi The Gangster..? is based on the true story of Rupinder Gandhi, an average college going boy whose friends were his life. He suffers many trials in the hands of powerful people, which turned him in to a rebel.

Review: Rupinder Gandhi The Gangster..? is a action & reality based daring movie in the era of comedy in Punjabi industry. It’s a combination of good story and excellent work by everyone. The film starts off with one of Rupinder Gandhi’s friend who is in prison and starts telling a story of Rupinder Singh how he became a famous gangster. The flashback starts which shows ups and down in Rupinder’s life. He always said he do not want to do anything wrong but he can’t see if somebody is doing wrong with someone. His friends were always with him, in his every wrong and right.

Actor Dev Kharoud who played Rupinder Gandhi’s role put life in the character through his acting and actress Kul Sidhu has done a great job. Tarn Mann is good in his role. Jagjeet Sandhu who played Bhola adds fun moments with his character in the film, which is adorable. Even all who acted in this movie no matter their role is full fledged or short they impresses audience with the charcters they played. Each and every character looks fit and fine in a story.

It is debut venture of director Tarn Mann. He has done commendable job. The story & screenplay of the film is superb. The action of the film looks real. The film and the subject is an effort to bring forth something new, an effort at exploring a new subject, exploring a new territory.

The music of the film is already on the lips of youngsters. All the songs are well fit in a storyline. Specially background is extremly matches with the theme of movie.

Overall Rupinder Gandhi The Gangster..? is an execellent film. You can watch it as many times as you want.

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