Movie Review: Sardaar Ji

By Young India

Cast: Diljit Dosanjh, Neeru Bajwa, Mandy Takhar, Jaswinder Bhalla, Amritpal Chotu, Sonam Bajwa (cameo)

Direction: Rohit Jugraj

Production: White Hill Productions

Rating: 3.5/5

Story: Sardaar ji is a story of Jaggi, who is a ghostbuster & earns his livelihood by taming ghosts and witches and traps them in a bottle, more like a genie. He is invited by an English couple who live in England & is getting ready for their wedding in a castle. The queen is also expected to attend this high profile marriage, but there is a problem… a supernatural power. The castle is haunted by Pinky. Jaggi was invited to trap the lady ghost. How Jaggi tackle the whole situation by tickling the funny bones of the viewers it is the story.

Review: Sardaar Ji is a laugh riot all the way. Story written by Dheeraj Rattan opens on a fine note but when moves further it fades. The film is directed by Jatt James Bond director Rohit Jugraj, he deserves the credit of handling topic like this and making people fall in love with the characters so easily. Jugaraj has used Diljit’s comic timing to the hilt. Diljit is a natural actor, and it was a good decision to give him the spotlight for most part of the film. And post ‘Punjab 1984’ Diljit Dosanjh again steals the show with his performance. Despite a weak storyline, this Sardaar ji has done great comedy and singing.

Dosanjh has been well supported by the beauty with a mole, Neeru Bajwa who herself is an accomplished actress and has acted brilliantly in the movie. She handled the role of chudail perfectly but comes and goes 🙁 Mandy Takhar is also seen in some powerful scenes but needs more expressions, even her crying, her sob story doesn’t move you. She has definitely done better than her last film. Diljit’s Punjab 1984 co-star Sonam Bajwa looks hot in her item number.. na na na its a Bhangra number called Veer Vaar. She dances gracefully.

This film opens a new genre for Punjabi cinema called fantasy genre. Sardaarji is about laughing and laughing. The music and songs of the movie are already a huge hit.

Overall Sardaar Ji a Paisa Wasool film.

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