Movie Review: Shareek

By YoungIndia

Cast: Jimmy Sheirgill, Mahie Gill, Guggu Gill, Simar Gill, Oshin Sai, Mukul Dev, Kuljinder Sidhu

Direction: Navaniat Singh

Production: Ohri Productions Pvt. Ltd. and Gilco & Green Planet Production

Rating: 3/5

Story: Shareek is a story of cousins Jassa (Jimmy), Surjit (Guggu), Dara (Mukul), Pali (Kuljinder) and others who are all cousins and fight with each other over a piece of land. Surjit, Jassa (brothers) are on one side and Dara, Pali (brothers) are on the other.

Surjit has twin sons Agam and Ekam (both characters played by Simar Gill). Dara & Pali killed Jassa’s father, in return Jimmy killed Pali. Then Jassa move to England with his one nephew and came back when his another nephew was killed by Dara.

Review: Shareek is based on ancestral enmity and director Navaniat Singh made a masterpiece this time. The film is based on 3 periods – 1993-1994, 2004-2005 and 2015. Navaniat will be rememered so long for this one as his hard work can seen on screen. He proves the fact that you need not make a comedy film to entertain the Punjabi audience. Each character of the movie has it’s own importance. The film has everthing emotions, action, drama, love, revenge however there are one or two incidents, the sequences seemed to be dragged but it’s okay.

Dheeraj Rattan has penned the story of this film. Also, he’s done the screenplay for this one. He has done a commendable job here. Here it is worth to mention that he got equal support from the dialogue writers as dialogues are amazing.

Coming to the acting, Jimmy Sheirgill is one of the finest actors of this industry. His performance in Shareek is the best one till date. Mahie Gill who played the role of Jassi & the love interest of Jimmy’s character Jassa delivers a great performance and stands out in this otherwise male dominated film. Guggu Gill is the evergreen star of punjabi cinema and the audience will enjoy his dialogue delivery on screen.

Mukul Dev and Kuljinder Sidhu’s performances are appreciable. Debuts by Simar Gill and Oshin Sai are really so impressive. Simar played double role one goes with Jassa out of the country and another got married to the character of Oshin and later get murdered by Mukul’s character Dara. Other actors also done their job well.

Music is also plus factor of the movie. All the songs are fantastic. Overall it is a must watch film for every Punjabi family.

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