Movie Review: Yaarana

By Young India

Cast: Geeta Zaildar, Yuvraj Hans, Gavie Chahal, Dolly Minhas, Yuvika Chaudhary, Kashish Singh, Rupali Sood, Puneet Issar, Yashpal Sharma.

Direction: Ranbir Pushp

Production: Sukhbir Sandhar & Ranjana Kent

Rating: 1.5/5

Story: The story revolves around three friends Manvir (Geeta Zaildar), Jeet (Yuvraj Hans), Param (Gavie Chahal), studying in a college. A mis-understanding regarding a football match between the trio create a rift in their friendship. Their principal (Dolly Minhas) played a vital role to re-unite the three of them through another football match.

Review: Multi starrer film ‘Yaarana‘, is a sports-based film which little bit describes the drug abuse in Punjab. The film is set in the Bhai Gurdas Group of Institutes. The music of the film was directed by Gurmeet Singh. And no doubt the music is good but there are 8 songs in the film and they came continuously after each other, which irked.

First half of the film is boring. The second half creates some curiosity but again the songs irritate. It is worth to mention that the song ‘Dhoom Dhadaka Dhoom’ is excellent.

There is no other different locations in the film. There is a over dose of fight & action in the film which only looks over-act. The female actress Yuvika Chaudhary, Kashish Singh, Rupali Sood have nothing to do in the film. Rupali marks her acting debut with this film but she her acting was not up to the mark.

Dolly Minhas is the only lady in the film who has strong role. She is the mother of that friend of the actors who commit suicide post facing the allegations about the fixing of football match. She came in the life of the three friends as their principal & makes sure that the three of them play football.

Producer Sukhbir Sandhar & Ranjana Kent also played small roles in the film. Actor Puneet Issar & Yashpal Sharma had done their jobs well.

The plus point of the film is the dialogues. They are very good.  Geeta Zaildar had also played a little comic role which is good. Gavie Chahal’s acting is good. Yuvraj Hans is looking so so in the film. The film is a melange of many things like sports, match-fixing, friendship, love, drug abuse, which are not properly managed.

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