OMG… Alia Bhatt Exhibits Her Undies Publicly!!

Aug 13, 2014: Alia Bhatt is a popular actor. She is also known for her endorsements for a leading skin and hair care brand. Recently the actor has been in promotional advertisements of the brand and took up the opportunity to launch it’s new product.

The actress is currently riding high on the success with her back to back films and now took some time out for brand endorsements. Alia Bhatt looked radiantly ravishing in an Arden B Body-con mini dress. But something seemed to have gone awkward for her at the event.

Alia Bhatt faced some of her ‘Ooops’ moments this time as she made herself sit on the chair, her mini dress showed up a little more than she might have intended to.

Even after facing the awkward glares at the shutterbugs, Alia’s confidence on stage did not deter. Nonetheless Alia Bhatt’s carefree attitude and chirpiness was very much a part of the event.

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