Only Three Singers Paid Tribute To Sufi Singer Barkat Ali Sidhu On His Funeral!

Aug 18, 2014-(Nidhi): Renowned Sufi singer Barkat Ali Sidhu lost his long-drawn-out battle to cancer & died. He was 68 years old. He was known for his ‘Sufiana’ style, which he inherited from his parents and refined with the Patiala Gharana of music.

It was expected that the well-known singers & other celebrities to reach their in a very large number for the funeral ceremony, but shocking information is that nobody reach their (Moga), except three- Sufi singer Ustaad Puran Shahkoti & his son singer Master Saleem & singer Sabar Koti.

Punjabi industry is a vast place but they don’t even had little bit of time to pay regards & tribute to the reowned personality of industry.

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