Phrases You Should Not Say Just After Sex

May 9, 2014: After making love with your better-half, you should be carefull as carelessness spoils your love-making and even your relationship. There are those phrases that you should not say just after sex.

You Are Better/Worse Than My ‘Ex’!
No guy or girl, wants their partner to compare them with their ex, at any point of time. References to the ex or previous hook-ups are just not acceptable, especially after love making. No one wants to know how good or bad your ex was between the sheets. So, keep mum!

Hey, I Think You Should Leave!
So, you are happy with the way your night turned out. But, what if suddenly your parents decide to drop by at your place or maybe you like to sleep alone? Would you just show your partner the way out of the house right away? Face the fact that this is no less than throwing them off the cliff. Even if you want them out then give an excuse which does not drive a dragger in their heart! Be polite and even offer to book them a cab, as well.

You Should have A Pill!
Ladies, you do not want to hear your man asking you to pop a pill because he could not withdraw on time. So, to save yourself from this worry, encourage your partner to wear a condom before jumping in the bed. This would not only protect you from unwanted pregnancy, but also from encountering any Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Guys, no matter how opportune the moment to get laid is, never forget to keep a condom handy because asking a woman to pop a pill is as good as a slap on your face.

Let Us Get Married!
‘Honey, we are perfect for each other and are destined to be together, let’s get married!’ Oh, hold on! Sure you are in love with each other, but no need to take such a big decision in this moment of ecstasy. There are a lot of immediate reactions to love making, but surely proposing marriage should not be one. It is good news if you are emotionally, intellectually and physically compatible; but this is not the place to propose. After all, you need to be sure that the other person feels the same way about you. And well, we do have better ideas of popping the question.

Let’s Be Friends!
The ‘let’s just stay friends’ line is good enough to drive the last nail in the coffin of your relationship. Whether you cannot make a formal commitment to this relationship or you did not feel connected to your partner, but don’t end up with proposing friendship! No need to give your relationship the ‘just friends’ tag, right after making love. Deal with your guilt and discuss it maturely like two adults.

I’m Sleepy!
Men are quite comfortable (and famous!) for saying that they just want to sleep after making love. But, this is not what your women want to hear. Sure you are tired with all the hard work you have just put in, but cuddle your partner or whisper something sweet to her. Believe us, you lady will cherish these post love making moments. Saying, ‘I’m sleepy’ is an invitation to get kicked where it would hurt you the most!

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