Pollywood Should Make Women Oriented Movies: Tanvi Nagi

Apr 12, 2016 (Neha): The cute and beautiful girl ‘Tanvi Nagi’ who hails from Ludhiana, is all set to mark her acting debut from upcoming Punjabi film ‘Once Upon A Time In Amritsar’. The famous Model/Actress appeared in many Punjabi video songs. Born on July 19, 1995 the actress has worked with many famous Punjabi singers like Prabh Gill, Garry Sandhu, Maninder Kailey and many more…..

Recently Tanvi appeared on the cover page of ‘Punjabi Screen’ magazine, a Pollywood celebrity magazine that features glamour news, interviews etc. The Actress is an optimistic person who lives each and every moment of life.

YoungIndia recently got in touch with the actress and she revealed her aspirations towards her career and unveiled some sweet and sour aspects of her life. Below are some excerpts from the candid chit-chat…


YI24=> Your Background?
I basically belong to Ludhiana. We are four family members me, my parents and my young brother. I have completed my schooling from BCM senior secondary school, Ludhiana. Presently I am doing bsc Medical from Panjab University, Chandigarh.

YI24=> Tell us about yourself…..
I am a Cheerful and an Optimistic type of girl, who lives each and every moment of life 🙂 🙂

YI24=> Your Inspiration to Become an Actress?
It’s naturally in fact no body inspired me. I was wanted to become a cardiologist but suddenly got an opportunity to act in Punjabi songs. Things worked and now I am here. My family my parents always supports me, they teaches me always do right thing and that with full hard work.

YI24=> How ‘Once Upon A Time In Amritsar’ comes to you?
One of the director from Punjabi Film Industry knows me, I also meet him during some project and off course he was aware about my acting skills and looks. He referred my name to director and producer of the movie and then everything got finalized.

YI24=> Things you love except your work?
I love singing, dancing, travelling and hanging out with friends. I enjoy cooking. I like spending time with my family.

YI24=> You have appeared on the cover page of ‘Punjabi Screen’ magazine. What was that feeling like? Have you had any more Magazine covers in Pollywood?
It was an amazing experience. As we all know ‘Punjabi Screen’ Magazine is a Pollywood celebrity magazine that features glamour news, interviews etc. and this magazine reaches whole of the Industry, it was like an honor for me. No, presently I don’t have any project like this but in future if I get an opportunity I will surely do it.

YI24=> Do you have any role models from Bollywood or Pollywood?

YI24=> Have you ever heard Punjabi Songs before joining Punjabi Industry?
No, I haven’t. Suddenly it all happened but Amrinder Gill and Garry Sandhu are my favorite singers and I love to listen their tracks.

YI24=> One Actor in your wish list for 2016?
Amrinder Gill, I want to work with him in a movie and also want to do a duet song with him.

YI24=> According to you what characteristics a potential Actress must have?
Strong character in which she can display herself. For me, its all about the expressions, hard work and ability. According to me Pollywood should make women oriented movies. So that they can show an independent women.

YI24=> A Bollywood Remake You Want To Do….
I want to do what Deepika Padukone has done in ‘Ramleela’

YI24=> Out of the songs in which you have worked, which one is your favorite?
1) Aa zra by Maninder Kailey.
2) Mere baare by Garry Sandhu.

YI24=> We have notices that you loves to sing, is there any future plans for singing?
Yeaahhhh……. I am planning to make singing debut but I want to surprise my fans. Very soon I coming as a singer 🙂 🙂

YI24=> Whom else you are working with right now? Any forth coming projects you can let our readers, know about.
No, presently I am not working with anyone. I am in talks with one or two film makers if things shape well. I will make announcement soon.

YI24=> Your One Good Habit and One Bad Habit….
Good habit is that I am understanding and compassionate. And bad habit that sometimes I over trust people.

YI24=> Message for Fans…
I am very thankful to them for the love and blessings they shower on me through their messages, comments, and wishes. Finally I fulfilled your wish to work as an Actress. U all saw me in videos singing and very soon I will fulfill your this wish by making my singing debut. I want to tell them all please continue to give your love and I will never make you all sad with my work. You will always enjoy my work.

YI24=> Anything else you want to say….
‘Once Upon A Time In Amritsar’ releasing on 29th of April which is my debut Punjabi movie and also of famous singer Dilpreet Dhillon. We want your support please mark the date go and watch the movie, you will surely like it 🙂 🙂
YoungIndia wishing Tanvi Nagi, good luck for her bright future.

Mere Baare by Garry Sandhu featuring Tanvi Nagi……….

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