Post Ban On ‘Dilli 1984’, Team Making Efforts To Release The Film

Aug 20, 2014-(Nidhi): Recently, Delhi Sikh massacre in 1984, ‘Dilli 1984′, has been refused a certificate by the Central Board of Film Certification in India (CBFC). But the director & other team members are leaving no stone unturned to release the film.

Directed & written by Ashok Gupta, the movie was to release worldwide on September 12. But the censor board refuses to provide the clearance certificate to the movie. A written statement which had the reasons for grant of “Certificate Refused” certificate to the film reveals, “The film Cannot be granted any certificate as it deals with the Delhi Riots of 1984 i.e. incident after the assaniation of Mrs. Indira Gandhi. The film shows, fire attrocities made on the people of Sikh community. The matter is also sub-judice in the committee. Hence not recommended for release. The film therefore’_Refused’ certificates under guidelines 2(xii),2(xv),2(xvii),2(xviii).”

The movie stars, Gurdeep Mehangi, Preet Bal, Jessica Singh, Seema Kullar, Guggu Gill, Rama Vij, Diljit Kaur, Malkit Singh, Nirmal Rishi, Simran Sehjpal, Teji Sandhu, Raj Premi.

While talking to ‘youngindia’, model-turned-actor Preet Bal, who is making his debut from this movie reveals that, “tomorrow we have the press conference regarding movie in Delhi. The director is making every possible effort to release the movie.”

He added, “I doesn’t find any negative issue in the movie cause of which the movie get banned.

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