Pratyusha Used To Borrow Money From Me: Pratyusha’s Maid

Apr 11, 2016: The Pratyusha Banerjee suicide case continues to create much buzz in the industry. Even viewers are left amazed by the happenings and are hooked to the developments. Recently talking to the media, Pratyusha’s maid Renu Sinha opened up and shared some intricate secrets about the young actress. Stating that although her bank balance was hefty, the young girl frequently borrowed small sums of money from the house help for buying medicines or to hire a cab.

“There were frequent fights between Pratyusha and Rahul (Raj Singh) and I had seen bruises after their tiffs on her,” shared the maid who stayed with Pratyusha for three months, living in the same house. Rahul who is currently hospitalised and in depression has been booked on abetment charges and said to be arrested soon. Talking about her bond with Pratyusha, Renu has been quoted saying, “I grew close to Pratyusha after her mother was packed away from Mumbai since Rahul did not like her presence in the house. Pratyusha’s mother had asked me to keep an eye on her daughter. She used to call me ‘didi.”

“At odd hours in the night, I used to hear raised voices from the couple’s room. I wanted to rescue Pratyusha but didn’t know if it was right to interfere in a private matter between them. Whenever Rahul left home, I would coax Pratyusha into telling me everything. She spoke of Rahul accusing her of having an affair with her former boyfriend,” she said. The house help had suggested Pratyusha to walk out of the relationship numerous times, but the actress was scared that it might affect her family reputation. “Pratyusha hailed from a middle-class family in Jamshedpur and she believed that her broken relationships would bring disrepute to her family. I would ask her to take control over her finances and ask Rahul to return her passbooks and debit card. But she said she couldn’t do it for some reasons.”

The actress as mentioned by the maid loved Rahul dearly and used to cook and clean for him. “I was also a witness to the incident where Rahul’s ex-girlfriend stormed into the flat and hit the couple, raining choicest of abuses,” Renu was quoted saying. “Pratyusha gradually learnt of Rahul’s past including his previous marriage. She was terrorised by Rahul. He wouldn’t let her do things she loved, like eating out and watching movies. He kept postponing plans to tie the knot with her,” she further revealed to the daily. The house help also shared that there was no stool in the house and she doubts how a petite Pratyusha could manage to reach the ceiling fan to tie a noose.

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