Preity Zinta Spill The Beans About Her January Wedding

Nov 28, 2015: Earlier this month, there were reports doing round that Preity Zinta is planning to settle down with her American boyfriend, Gene Goodenough in January 2016.

It was revealed that the actress is quite serious about her relationship with Gene and will be having an intimate wedding. In fact, a reliable source even confirmed about Preity’s frequent trips to the USA, due to the same reason.

While everyone believed Preity is indeed getting married! She just squashes the reports by clarifying she is not getting married.

The actress took to Twitter and wrote, “Also It’s getting a bit wierd telling people that I’m not getting Married in January I PROMISE I will TELL U ALL AS & WHEN I DO !!! Ting”

However, hearing this an adamant fan instantly tweeted to her saying, “This means you are getting Married in December …………Thanks” (Haha nice one!) To which a rather irritated Preity further replied, “Grrrrrrrrr ! I don’t want to hear this word or have this discussion for another year at least … Plssssss !”

Not to forget, a source close to Preity too had earlier clarified “Gene is NOT Preity’s boyfriend. He is a very good friend. Preity’s brother and little niece live in the US and she visits them regularly. She therefore has a lot of very good friends in America.”

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