Priyanka Chopra’s Quantico Trailer Gets 1 Million Views In A Day!

May 14, 2015: It’s not a new development that Priyanka Chopra is making huge waves in the International circuit, what with her singles getting her much acclaim, and her playing a lead role in a new show on ABC television. Well, her fans got a huge surprise when the trailer of the show debuted last night, and all the speculations that she could be shunted aside, proved absolutely false!

PC is the face of the entire show, and the trailer shows that all the events that happen in the show surround her character. From what we have seen in the trailer, there appear to be a generous amount of thrilling elements, with dollops of suspense blended in, as well as some flirty romance and comedy.

Though the series has some shades of a few Young Adult thrillers that have hit the Hollywood marquee recently, the premise of the series about FBI aspirants training at a the FBI base in Quantico is very interesting and has all the ingredients of a promising show.

The trailer, meanwhile has been a huge hit on its release, especially in India, and has managed to garner 1 million views on Facebook!

Priyanka herself was so ecstatic about this development, that she tweeted, “This is so overwhelming.I’m humbled and nervous.Hope to live up.Thank http://u.How do I say this.. Needed the love. #1MillionViews”

The show will premier this September.

Here’s the trailer…

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