‘Punjab 1984’ Is A Bestower Of Oxygen In Pollywood!

July 3, 2014-(Nidhi): Recent released Punjabi film ‘Punjab 1984’ is a historical drama action movie directed by Anurag Singh. Producer Gunbir Singh Sidhu & Manmord Singh Sidhu had made best-ever use of their funds.

Director Anurag Singh gave a solid proof of his direction, he had shown a completely different, hidden facet of his film-making skills in this movie. Locations & props used in the movie are the reason of calling the movie ‘The Super Direction’ of Anurag Singh.

The movie features Diljit Dosanjh in the lead role, Bollywood actress & MP Of Chandigarh Kirron Kher plays an important role of mother of Diljit Dosanjh in the movie. Sonam Bajwa, Pavan Malhotra & Rana Ranbir are cast in the pivotal roles.

‘Punjab 1984’ revolves around the life of Kirron Kher & her one & only resort to live, her son (Diljit Dosanjh). The movie narrates the ups & downs of their life and the problems they face. Movie set against the background of 1984 riots that has scarred the psyche of the entire community. The story tells the injustice that innocent youth suffered at the hands of administration.

Kirron Kher shows her incredible acting skills. Going through the story of the movie, she first lost her husband & after the death of her husband, her last refuge also picked up by the cruel administration. The movie depict the strength of a mother. She put all her best effort to find her son. She tolerate many things while searching her son. Actress Kirron Kher recently won the Lok Sabha Elections from Chandigarh. It looks she properly managed the both phases of her life. She knows very well.. what a particular sector wants from her!

Singer turned actor Diljit Dosanjh breaks his own tradition of the acting. Earlier he always tickle the funny bones of the viewers but this time he is successful in bringing tears in the eyes of the audience. This time fans love his serious role. He got rave views from the public.

Sonam Bajwa has also delivered one of the best performance by a Punjabi actress in the recent memories. Rana Ranbir played the role of a close friend of Diljit. This role is the first serious role of his life. Music and songs of the movie also deserve special praise for the hauntingly beautiful lyrics especially ‘Swaah Ban ke’, ‘Rangrut’.

The dialogue delivery of ‘Punjab 1984’ is execellent. The movie starts entertaining the masses from the very first scene. Routine of the movie is totally different from the other movies, based on the same topic. ‘Punjab 1984’ is also contains comedy but it doesn’t contain the over-doze of comedy, which the people, sometime, are not able to digest.

The movie also got praises from Bollywood, director-producer Mahesh Bhatt tweets, “Punjabi film Punjab 1984 is a milestone. A must watch movie.” Overall ‘Punjab 1984’ is a heart-touching movie, earns 7 Cr approximately till today.

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