Punjabi Cinema Will Achieve A Lot Of Success In Upcoming Years: Dharmendra

Aug 30, 2014: The legendary Dharmendra appearing in his Punjabi movie ‘Double Di Trouble’. It is directed by Smeep Kang and is based on Comedy of Errors, where Shakespeare’s well known play takes a desi twist! In an interview, the actor talks about her upcoming film.

Why has it taken you so long to act in a Punjabi movie?
Everything has a time, I always had a wish to do Punjabi films and so many of my fans wanted to see me in a Punjabi movie too. I have been very busy in Mumbai with films etc and time just flew. So I was looking for a good storyline. Subhash is a good friend and like a little brother, he came up to me and said that he wants to do a Punjabi film. I also said that I feel this is the time for me to also do a Punjabi film.

Before the script came to you did you know about Shakespeare ‘Comedy Of Errors’?
Yes I had read a little bit. Also this is why I agreed to do my first Punjabi film, as the storyline is very good.

What is Double Di Trouble about?
It is a story based on Comedy of Errors by Shakespeare in where I am doing a double role, one of a city man and the other of a village man. Gippy is also doing a double role. It is a story of a father and son. There are lots of situations, which arise during the film, a lot of confusion as to why it is happening and this is revealed during the film. The riot of laughter begins when the people around this duplicate duo keep confusing the two sets of lookalikes. The situation gets further confounded when the duo tries to put their own logic behind the new faces behaving like old pals.

Where in Punjab did you shoot the film?
Majority of the film was shot in Chandigarh and a little bit was in Mumbai.

Was it hard becoming two different characters?
It will only be difficult if the character isn’t written well. In this case everything was well written with good dialogues and of course a good team.

How did you feel shooting in Punjab?
I enjoyed it a lot. It felt so nice shooting in Punjab as it brought back so many memories of my childhood. I have received so much love from different Pind’s from the elderly to the youngsters.

What was it like working with Gippy grewal and Gurpreet Guggi?
Gippy is a great actor and a very good boy, I had seen his previous film Carry on Jatta and I really enjoyed his performance. Guggi is amazing, he has very good timing and I also enjoyed working with him.

Do you find doing comedy easy?
I have done a lot of comedy; I find it fun, if the script is written well then I do not find it difficult.

You are working with the director Smeep Kang for the first time, how was your experience? What is he like as a director?
He is such a good lovely boy and a director I had fun working with him. He is full of love and energy. He really knows his job and does it very well.

From the trailers of Double Di Trouble you show a lot of energy. Gippy Grewal has even mentioned your energy level. Where do you get it from?
Acting is my love it is my life, hunger and my passion. I am in love with the camera, this has always been my desire and love and it is never less, in fact my love for acting is increasing therefore my energy is high as it is something I enjoy doing with pride.

What are your views on Punjabi films?
There are so many beautiful Punjabi films being made now on high budgets just like Bollywood with good actors and scripts. I think Punjabi cinema will achieve a lot of success in the upcoming years.

Are you happy you have made a Punjabi film?
I am really very, very happy. Punjabi is my mother tongue and when I speak it in a film it is just amazing.

Will you and yours sons be making a Punjabi film together?
Yes when the right story comes along we will defiantly be seen together in a Punjabi film.

How has your overall experience been?
I enjoyed it thoroughly; it was like a big picnic the team was like a family, I have enjoyed every moment of it.

Will you be making more Punjabi films?
Yes I will look out for another good story, but yes I will defiantly do another one.

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