Punjabi Girls Can Do Much Better Work: Amann Grewal

Jun 24, 2015-(Nidhi): Mitti Na Pharol Jogiya actress Amann Grewal going to mark her Bollywood debut. Amann started her career by serving in Singapore Airlines for 2 years. In the end of 2012, she commenced her acting career with Punjabi film Romeo Ranjha opposite the Crown Prince of Bhangra Jazzy B.

Amann was recently present at the city beautiful – Chandigarh. While talking to YoungIndia, she talks about her Bollywood project and other upcoming ventures…

She said, “Yes, I am marking my Bollwood debut with Kamasutra 3D director Rupesh Paul’s upcoming film ‘India’s Daughter’. It is a woman centric film which depicts that if a girl is victimised by anyone, she can do anything with the support of her loved ones.”

She further states, “I had also signed my first south venture. It is a Kannada film which also features famous south fraternity. The shoot will start tomorrow (June 25th). I had also signed an endorsement deal with a toothpaste brand.”

She describe her journey from Romeo Ranjha to Mitti Na Pharol Jogiya (MNPJ). She said, “Romeo Ranjha is a rom com film while MNPJ is a period film which sets in the era of 1947. Both the films are very different. The roles are very challenging. In between I had done with the shoot of Bollywood film India’s Daughter which is ready for the August release.”

About her dream role Ms Grewal said, “I want to work in a dark-intense films. I want to do the roles like Vidya Balan’s in The Dirty Picture & Deepika Padukone’s in Cocktail.”

What is the difference between Punjabi film industry & Bollywood? “There is a huge difference lying between the both industries. In Pollywood there is only hero centric films. Everything is only for men. Actresses are treated like a baby dolls. There is nothing to do for girls. But in Bollywood there are girls doing wonders. Giving Box office hits,” says Amann.

A change you want to make in Pollywood. She answered, “In our industry (Pollywood), makers are making the films with flop Bollywood actresses. They think that girls grabs the audience to the theatre. They give them 12 Lac , 15 Lac but in last everything goes in vain. As Punjabi audience does not accept them properly.”

Amann continues, “There is a vast variety of talent in Punjab. There are many experienced theatre artists in Punjab. They wait that someone approach to us & give us work. Why they people (producers/directors) do not use that talent? Why they are not making the proper use of their funds? I think it should be change. We have to take our industry to that level, so Bollywood filmmakers will choose actresses from our industry like they are choosing from South film industry.

“Diljit (Diljit Dosanh) & Gippy (Gippy Grewal) are presenting our industry in Bollywood. People underestimate the girls. I think Punjabi girls can do much better work. They should come forward,” she ends.

About biopics in Pollywood Amann said, “There are many concepts to make biopics. Like Bollywood director Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra mostly choose the theme of his films from Punjab. His movies are always based on Punjabi legendaries. So, why here are not people making films on that topics.”

Amann Grewal only believes in only present. She said, “I live in only present. I never think of future. I am working hard & satisfying myself which is sufficient for me.”

About the awards she said, “Awards does not matter for me. If audience accept my work, this is an award. Those trophies are not awards which are only to show the world.”

‘YoungIndia’ wishing Amann Grewal, all the very best for her future.

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