Romantic Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Feb 13, 2015: The wait is over, tomorrow is the biggest day for the lovebirds – The Valentine Day. For which some people are eagerly waiting. This day offers lovers many ways to express their emotions.

So, here are some romantic tips to celebrate Valentine day with your partner…

=> Propose Your Dream Girl
If you miss propose day to propose your dreamgirl then go for it tomorrow. If you’ve been thinking about asking her to marry you, there’s no time like Valentine’s Day for a romantic proposal. The day is meant for lovers, after all, and getting down on one knee with a ring or red rose is one of the best ways you can profess your love for her. You may also opt for ‘Cute Ways To Propose Someone‘.


=> Candlelight Dinner
Whether you are hosting this in your home or at an expensive restaurant, this is always a winner. If you’re at home, spread some rose petals around to show your sweetie where to go. Be sure to crack open a bottle of wine, or a chilled bottle of sparkling grape juice. If you don’t want to cook, then you can always go out or order out…or bribe a friend to cook for you.

=> Go For Movie
If you both just need to relax on Valentine’s Day then try this idea. Put together a Valentine’s Day movie marathon and then pop some popcorn, open a bottle of wine, lay out a few chocolates and then relax on the sofa and give each other foot and back massages during the movies. You can purchase some thick foot cream or muscle rub for the massages to really give your Valentine’s Day a quality feeling. This Valentine’s Day idea is sure to be a huge hit for your lover and their tired muscles.


=> Love At Picnic
Grab a blanket and pack a basket, then take your sweetie for an afternoon or early evening picnic in the park. If you feel up to it, bring a couple of kites along or bottles of bubbles. You can also plan a long walk or hike if you are the outdoorsy-type. But remember to think about what your Valentine will enjoy the most.

=> Star Gazing
This Valentine’s Day idea is not so traditional, but it is loads of fun. Climb up on your roof with a blanket and a bottle of wine or champagne and watch the stars come out. You can prepare a list of questions for each of you to take turns answering, or you can let the conversation flow as it will. You can also do this on the lawn if you don’t want to or can’t find a roof to use.


=> Scavenger Hunt
Take your sweetie on a scavenger hunt. Ask him/her to answer riddles to find the clues to items that you placed somewhere around town. The last item should give instructions that lead to your Valentine’s Day activities.

=> A Gift
Don’t forget to purchase a gift for your Valentine. You can give chocolates, teddy, Roses, accessories, Cosmetics, shirt, etc.


YoungIndia‘ wishing you all a very Happy Valentine Day.

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