Sack Badal Govt & Arrest Kairon And Dhindsa For Fraud: Jagmeet Brar

Chandigarh, Oct 7, 2016: In a strongly worded press release Former MP Jagmeet Singh Brar demanded the immediate arrest of Adesh Partap Singh Kairon and Parminder Singh Dhindsa in what he called the ‘mother of all scams’
Referring to Punjab Govt’s raising another 31,000 Cr in debt to settle the CCL account with central banks and other institutions he said “First the Akalis denied the scam, then they tried to confuse people by claiming the central government owed them money and blamed FCI – now when they have no where to hide they are shamelessly trilingual to convert this theft into a loan”
Saying that the raising of this loan was an open and shut admission of guilt by the Akalis government he said “They have stolen from the state, from the farmers and from the poor people who they have been fooling under schemes like Atta-Dal – they have not paid farmers for their crops, they have stolen money given under CCL by banks and they are feeding poor people grain that is not fit for animals”
In a direct and sharp attack on Punjab’s ruling family he said “Parkash Singh Badal has given 27,000 Cr in dowry to his son in law and the burden of this gift is on the poor farmers and people of Punjab who are already dying under 1.75 Lakh Cr – Badal has added 31,000 Cr to this so he can give this lavish dowry to his son-in-law”
Brar demanded that the Badal Govt be dismissed immediately for the total break down of law and order in the state, for repeated communal incidents & desecrations of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and now also for this clear case of financial fraud and said “This Govt must be sacked immediately, FCI must procure food grains directly and now allow these dacoits to hold Punjab ransom and most importantly Kairon & Dhindsa must be booked for financial embezzlement and put behind bars immediately”
Drawing a relationship between the evacuation on borders and this scam he made another very interesting observation and commented that “More than 1000 villages have been evacuated to create an excuse for delay in paddy procurement and allow these criminals time to raise more loan from the center to pay their way – there is absolutely no need for these evacuations, Ganga-nagar is next to Abohar and on the border – life is normal there. Why must Punjab pay for the crimes of the Badals?”

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