Shahid Kapoor Quits Smoking For His Wife Mira

Dec 21, 2015: Recently Shahid Kapoor’s newlywed bride Mira expressed that she doesn’t like Sasha’s smoking habits. The actor, who was constantly seen smoking a cig or two, quits the same for his lovely and dearest wifey.

From past few months Shahid has not smoked and the credit goes to Mira who has managed to convince him that she likes her better when he doesn’t smoke.

However, Shahid was a non-smoker till the end of his four-year-old relationship with Kareena that saw a stressed Shahid going for cigarettes with great gusto.

At first, his friends and colleagues passed it off as work-related stress but they were worried when the actor seemed addicted to nicotine. He began smoking while shooting for his film Kismet Connection in Canada during the crisis in his personal relationship.

Previously even Katrina Kaif was in news to convince Ranbir Kapoor to get rid of his bad habit.

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