Skin Care Guide For Pre-Bridal

Nov 19, 2014: Your wedding date is set. You just paid the deposit at the venue. What’s the next big thing on your wedding to-do list? No, it’s not the photographer or the makeup artist. It’s your skin care plan! You should have a basic skin care routine in place as soon as the date is set, but for all practical purposes you should start taking serious care of your skin 3 to 6 months before your big day.

1) Glow Naturally: Unless you’re blessed with amazing skin genetically, you have to put in an effort to get flawless, radiant skin. And while all those lotions and facials help, there’s no substitute to a healthy glow that comes naturally when you’re taking care of your body & mind.


2) Drink 2 Liters Of Water Everyday: It helps flush out all the toxins from your body. How to keep a check on your water intake? Firstly, have a separate bottle just for yourself (you can even label it “Bride To Be”!) so you know when you’ve finished your quota of 2 litres. But if it’s not practical, then download an app on your smart phone that tracks your daily water intake. There are apps now that track your intake from a variety of sources – such as different sized bottles, cups and glasses! – so no more excuses. Just drink that water.


3) Drink Coconut Water Daily: You will literally glow from within. It’s a yummy way to get clear skin, and your body will thank you for the added health benefits. If you can’t buy 1 coconut everyday, you can buy them in bulk (no more than 2-3 though) in a single shopping trip. Avoid stocking up for the whole week because they go stale quickly. And consume it immediately after it’s been opened – coconut water tastes best when had fresh.


4) Workout 3-4 Times A Week & Eat Right: There’s nothing revolutionary about this piece of advice. You know it all, you just have to do it. Exercising & steering clear of junk food flushes out the toxins from your body, which directly affects the health of your skin. A healthy body reflects on your face. There’s nothing more I need to say.


5) Be Happy: A fit body plus an unhappy mind do not equal to a beautiful face. Although exercising does affect your mood positively with all those happy hormones that are released during a workout, you have to make an effort to feel all sunshine-and-bright-blue-skies inside your head. This is especially important while you’re planning your wedding, because juggling the massive task of wedding preparation along with a full-time job might cause some serious stress.


6) Moisturize: The 1 reason for a bride to moisturize twice daily is so that her makeup goes on smoother on D-day – it will not settle into fine lines, spread effortlessly and won’t flake. If you’re thinking this is all theory with no proof, I’ve personally tried & tested this, and it works! I have combination skin which led me to believe I shouldn’t moisturize because it makes the skin oilier.


7) Indulge In Weekly DIY Treatments: Exfoliate and use a face pack at home, once a week. For girls with oily skin, a multani mitti face pack works great (try Himalaya Herbals) while for those suffering from dry skin, a honey-based pack provides a much needed moisture boost.


8) Visit A Dermatologist: If you suffer from skin issues such as acne or discolouration, make sure you visit a dermatologist atleast 3 months before your wedding day. The treatments take time to show visible results, so start as early as you can. Do you need to visit a dermatologist even if you have no skin issues?


9) Relax With A Few Facials: Does every bride need a facial? Probably not. But should every bride get a facial? Mostly, yes. Unless your dermatologist insists you don’t need one, you can indulge in a few. 2-3 facials before the wedding is usually good enough. Make sure you get your last one atleast 48 hours prior to your first wedding function, as you should steer clear of makeup immediately after a facial.


10) Don’t Try Anything New In The Last 30 Days: That expensive new moisturizer you just received as an early wedding present? Or that overnight treatment you read about in your favourite magazine 10 days before the wedding? Step away from the shiny new container. Now! Nothing new touches your skin in the last 1 month before your big day.



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