Some Ways To Improve Fitness In Your Life

Nov 8, 2014: fitness has been a part of life. Everyone wants fit and healthy life. Once you have the mindset of what fitness really is, then it becomes simple as to finding ways to bring fitness into your life. I’m going to introduce to you some ways to do just that.

Ways to bring Fitness into your Life:

1. Go for a walk in your neighborhood: This is probably the beginning of most fitness programs. Walking is fundamental for just about everybody except babies. You can join a walking group.

2. Play with your kids, indoors or outdoors: Have you ever tried to do that consistently? Children can wear you out if you were to keep up with them. The key here is that when you engage in play with them, you’re also showing that movement is important for you. They learn from what you do, not what you say.

3. Go for a hike: Like walking, moving your body in nature via a hike is another fundamental movement activity. And the most important aspect of doing this is that you get to enter into nature.

4. Take the stairs and not the elevator or escalator:Shun the people mover at airports too. We’re designed to move, not letting this type of technology move us.

5. Walk to your grocery store:If you live within a mile of the grocery store, walk there to shop. You can use a wheeled shopping cart/bag if you need to.

6. Play a pickup game of basketball at your local park: If you’re sports-minded, then this may be just up your alley and it’s fun.

7.Take your dog for a walk around your block or at the park: You’ll both benefit from the walk and even a run.

8. Get out and garden: Fresh veggies is a side benefit to the exercise you’ll get from hoeing and planting. Plus, you’ll get plenty of Vitamin D to boot. By the way, any of the above outdoor activities will do the same.

9. Use playground equipment as a gym: Swings can be used to inverted rows or as support in doing pistol squats. Monkey bars can help build your upper body. There are endless possibilities here.

10. Do shadow boxing: Regular boxing drills, martial arts and other combat fitness activities.

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