Sonali Raut-Gautam Gulati Punished By ‘The Secret Society’

Sep 25, 2014: While Bigg Boss has always been innovative and brought in a lot of changes to the format of the show over eight seasons, one thing that has never changed is the authority of Bigg Boss and observing rules laid down for the members of the house.

Even in this season, disobedience of any rules of the house would be punishable. Conversing in Hindi language and not sleeping during the day have been common rules to be observed, over the years.

The responsibility of punishing the defaulters was put in the hands of ‘The Secret Society.’ The Secret Society decided to punish Sonali for conversing in English and Gautam Gulati for sleeping during the day in spite of continued warnings. The defaulters were made to stand against each other’s back on the wing of Flight BB08 until they were excused by The Secret Society.

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