Sonali Raut Returns To Bigg Boss 8?

Oct 2, 2014: A week into the reality show, a contestant is returning in defiance of Salman Khan’s orders; meanwhile Sonali Raut has a producer waiting for her exit.

One year earlier reports suggests that the actor was very upset when Kushal Tandon returned to the house last season and became one of the top contenders for the prize.

This season, the first contestant to be evicted last Saturday, model turned – actress Sonali Raut, is on her way back, in direct defiance of the Salman’s orders. The channel’s spokesperson confirmed, “Yes, Sonali will return to Bigg Boss 8.”

Sonali bid adieu to the star host on last Saturday’s episode but never returned to Mumbai. She stayed on in Lonavala, close to the set, in anticipation of her return. Defending the decision, a source from the production house said, “So what if Sonali is coming back? She was nominated by the secret society members and not the actual housemates.”

Meanwhile, someone else other, than Salman is miffed, by the decision. Kannada film director S K Basheed, who has signed The Xpose starlet for his debut Hindi film, 100% Useless Fellows, is waiting to meet her this Saturday. Basheed was shocked to learn that Sonali had jumped ship to enter the show, just days before the film was set to roll.

When told that she was going to re-enter the house, he flew into a rage, “After I heard that she is out from Bigg Boss, I contacted her management who set up a meeting with her on Saturday. How can she go back, that too without informing me? I have complained to the IMPPA (Indian Motion Pictures Producers Association) regarding this.”

Basheed agrees with Salman that no contestant should return after eviction. He said, “The broadcasters simply stretch the show by doing this. Salman should put his foot down and show Sonali the door, asap. My film has a budget of Rs. 44 crore, my money is going down the drain.”

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