Stop Doing These Things To Get Forever Young Skin

Jan 18, 2016: We ladies are adicted to makeup, but still we are always in search of for the fountain of youth? You will be shocked to know that how are makeup habits, might be harmless to us or we can say are ruining your skin. So here we have…….

>> What You Eat:
Yes, it is true that what you eat reflects on your skin as well. So, if you do not want oily and greasy skin, then refrain from eating junk and oily food. For a youthful skin maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

>> Keep A Soft Towel Handy:
Always dab your gorgeous skin instead of rubbing with a soft and clean towel. Even if you use skin wipes to wipe the sweat beads of your face and neck, be very gentle. You perspire through skin pores that are better left unprovoked. So, it is best to keep a clean and soft towel with you, especially while working out.

>> Use Sunscreen On Cloudy Days Too:
A day of overcast is no reason for you to ditch your sunscreen. The sunscreen protects you from ultraviolet (UVA and UVB) rays that are present during all daylight hours. So, even if the sun is playing hide and seek, your skin is still exposed to the wrath of harmful rays.

>> Soak In Some Vitamin D:
Sun is a natural source of vitamin D, which is essential for the body indeed. Do your skin a favour by taking walks during the early hours of the morning. Early morning, the sun is beautiful and bountiful, rather than scorching hot.

>> Bleaching Cautions:
If you do not have the time to bleach your skin at home, do visit the salon by all means, but be careful of what bleach they are using. The professionals at salons ask you to choose from all sorts of fancy names, and yet end up pushing the brand that they have bought in bulk. So, be careful!

>> Say No To Smoking:
‘Out of sight, out of mind’ could probably go for the damages smoking does to your internal organs that you cannot see early in your life. But not when it takes a toll on your skin. Smoking leads to premature ageing and skin wrinkles, puffy eyes, skin infections and even skin cancer.

>> Use Makeup Removal Pads:
Gone are the days when one had to put lotion on a swab of cotton to remove makeup. Now all you need to keep handy are some good makeup removal pads, and let them work their magic of making your makeup disappear. While these pads may seem gentle on eyes, be sure to wash your face with clean water after their use.

>> Menace Of Shaving:
Always use shaving gels or creams before using the razor on your skin. Always shave in the direction of hair growth and not against it. Remember, shaving is a menace if not done properly.

>> Do Not Volunteer For Free Makeup At Kiosks:
Well, we know it is very hard to turn a blind eye to those calls of free makeup touch-ups and instant makeovers, but watch your steps! You do not want to trust a bunch of marketing students trying to smooth talk you to complete their target at the cost of your skin. New and untested products can be very harmful for your skin.

>> Remove Your Makeup Before Going To Bed:
Always allow your skin breathe in comfort. Wearing makeup to bed can leave your skin dehydrated. This will lead your skin to produce oil to moisturise itself, making you wake up with an oily skin. So, if you do not sleep in your party wear, then why leave the makeup on?

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