Suffering From Headache? Try These Yoga Poses

Dec 9, 2015: If you’re suffering from headaches, you probably know some of the triggers: Stress, lack of sleep, hunger, allergies, sinus problems or eye strain. But have you considered that your posture, and a lack of oxygen, could bring on your headaches?

Many people sit or stand with rounded shoulders and head jutted forward. Poor posture affects your respiratory system and blood circulation to the brain; which can cause muscle tension—resulting in a headache.

Try These Yoga Poses –

*// Seated Spinal Twist:

This pose helps in getting rid of headache and back pain as it increases the flexibility in upper body while stretching the shoulders, hips, and neck. It also improves your posture and spine mobility.


*// Modified Eagle Pose:

Try “eagle arms” when you feel a tension headache coming on this modified version of the Eagle Pose, performed either standing in Mountain Pose or sitting cross-legged, relieves upper body tension without the difficulty level of the full pose.

This is really good for releasing tension in the shoulders. “When we twist the arms, there’s a flexibility.


*// Standing Forward Fold:

With feet hip-width apart, bend forward, relaxing head toward the ground. Grab opposite elbows, soften knees, and hang like a rag doll. Relax head and neck completely, and breathe here for 10 deep breaths.


*// Seated Neck Release:

Sometimes headaches can be caused by neck pain, so stretch out this tight area with a Seated Neck Release. Sitting in a comfortable position, place your left hand on the right side of your head and gently tilt your head to the left. Hold for a few breaths and then slowly switch sides. Repeat on both sides a few times.


*// Legs Up The Wall:

Sit sideways next to a wall. Lie down on one side, facing away from the wall with butt touching it. Using arms, lift legs up the wall as you roll over onto your back. Allow arms to fall on either side of you. Palms can face up for openness or down for an extra level of grounding. Breathe here for at least 10 breaths.


*// Child’s Pose:

Child’s pose can be the most powerful remedy for stress, anxiety and headaches. This pose helps us to quiet our mind while releasing tension from the back and shoulders.


*// Bridge Pose:

This asana also helps keep your blood pressure under control, relaxes the mind, calms the brain and reduces anxiety. Apart from that while doing this asana your blood rushes to the brain helping in pain relief.


*// Knees To Chest Pose:

You can try this restorative pose by bringing the knees up to the chest and holding the shins about two inches under the knee. Relax in the pose for 30-60 seconds, and then release down. Repeat as needed.

“In a tuck pose… you’re loosening the muscles up the back,” says Anderson. “Then when you let go, there’s a rush of blood throughout the body.”



*// Deep Breathing:

One of the best and easy pose of yoga is deep breathing. Breathing make us get relieved from severe headache by releasing tension in the shoulders and bring more oxygen into the brain.


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