Swaragini: Swara To Be Jailed For Urvashi’s Murder

Feb 8, 2016: Swara To Be jailed for Urvashi’s murder, There will be the fake death of Urvashi and Swara will be blamed for the same. The police will take her and she will be liable for life imprisonment.

However, Sanskaar and Ragini will spare no efforts to save Swara from getting a life term. There will be some emotional moments in the jail where he will be seen consoling his lady love. Ragini will also come there.

As per buzz, they will expose Kavita and she will be arrested for her wrongdoings. Then, the Swara and Sanskaar marriage will materialize. There is still lack of clarity over who is going to die on the show.

So far, we are seeing that Kavita is trying everything to halt the marriage while Swara and Ragini are trying to figure out if it is actually Janki’s ghost that is troubling Sumi.

The plotting track has been irritating for some viewers of the show who want the marriage to take place at the soonest. We are also awaiting the entry of Lakshya’s (Namish Taneja) ex on the show. It looks like romance will take a backseat for a few days on Swaragini.

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