Ten Possible Causes Of Breast Cancer, You Should Avoid

Oct 11, 2014: Most of the women have biggest fears as an adult is getting breast cancer. So what we could do to help prevent getting breast cancer. It was found that we were making quite a few mistakes with our everyday activities. Here are 12 things that may cause breast cancer that you should avoid.

1) Using Chemical Hair Dye: As we know so many people who dye their hair every few months using the cheap boxed dyes you can buy at the store. Sure, it can be fun but it’s like playing Russian Roulette because the dyes you use most likely contain carcinogens. The National Cancer Institute even warns against the practice of just picking out a hair dye willy-nilly. So the next time you do it, go to a health foods market and find the most naturally-based hair dye you can.

2) Smoking: If you are addicted to smoking & drinking alcohol, it can be dangerous to your health. Even won’t go near anyone if they’re lighting up. Health is an important aspect for you.

3) Wearing the Wrong Bra Size: It is suggested that you get fitted with the right bra, you take notice. Bras that are too small or big might pose a risk because they just aren’t supportive on the breast tissue or if they are too tight they will cut off drainage of the lymph fluid. Hey, it was a great excuse to head to Victoria’s Secret to get measured.

4) Using Chemical Household Cleaners: If the cabinet under your kitchen sink looks like most, there are enough chemicals to make all sorts of crazy things. And yes, as you and I suspected, those chemicals are REALLY bad. Not only are they connected with breast cancer, they are connected with other kinds of cancers, as well as chronic conditions like migraines, allergies and more. So from now on, clean with vinegar, baking soda and other materials that aren’t going to give you a medical nightmare.

5) Putting Non-Organic Make-Up On Face: The foundation you use, but we will tell you that after we read the ingredients, we promptly threw it away. It was chock full of all sorts of nasty things like parabens, which have been found en masse in tissue samples that came from breast cancer patients. We can still wear make-up, though.

6) Neglecting Physical HealthIn: A research, discovered losing weight is a good way to ward off breast cancer since there have been indications of a link between being overweight and being diagnosed with this type of cancer. That’s all the motivation I need to get off the couch and head to the gym.

7) Drinking Alcohol: Like we mentioned above, alcohol has never been a drink of choice but basically everyone else we know highly enjoys their beer. Yet alcohol is super problematic if you want to avoid breast cancer, liver cancer and heart cancer. In a global study, over 21 percent of alcohol related deaths were because of cancer.We hoping for a soon-to-be revolution that swaps alcohol for tea (healthier and less expensive) when it comes to social drinking. Tea time anyone?

8) De-Odorizing House With Air Fresheners: We all love love a clean-smelling house and car, but the air fresheners we have been using contain phthalates, a type of plasticizing chemical. Phthalates have been found in air fresheners because they help create a long-lasting fragrance. Unfortunately, that fragrance could be deadly. Looks like we will be boiling some water, cinnamon sticks and cloves on the stovetop to make my house smell really amazing!

9) Storing Everything in Plastic Containers: We all have a habit of collecting those plastic containers. Whenever we get a coupon for them, we just go hog-wild and buy a bunch. But they have a connection to breast cancer, which we didn’t know before. It’s especially bad when you use them to reheat food in the microwave. We are going to suck it up, throw them out and use glass containers instead.

10) Buying the Wrong Food: We figured that pesticides were trouble from the get-go. They get into your foods and, in some cases, seem to foster an environment where cancerous cells feel compelled to grow within the organs and tissues, including the breasts. It’s one more reason to buy from local farmers, as long as they don’t use pesticides. You’ll have to ask them, by the way; most local food market stands don’t have signs up about the whole pesticides topic.

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