The Victoria’s Secret Angels Disclose Their Fitness Secrets

Dec 15, 2014: The Victoria’s Secret Angels and models are arguably some of the most envied women in modelling, but their sculpted physiques don’t come without a lot of hard work. Reporters asked them what they do to stay toned, honed and slender for the show each year – it isn’t easy being an Angel, it seem, keeping their stomachs flat and legs slim requires hours in the gym. See how they do it.

1. Lily Aldridge :“I do Ballet Beautiful all year round, but amp it up for the show.”


2.Candice Swanepoel :  Candice was one of the models who made a video for this year’s Train Like An Angel, the popular series produced by Victoria’s Secret that offers an insight into their workout routine.
“I’m fit all year round, but about three weeks before the show I do step it up a bit. I have to eat a lot more, so I can work out a lot more. I like to feel really strong: to have a good bum and strong legs on the catwalk, so I really focus on that.” she said.


3. Doutzen Kroes: “When I am in NYC I always go for a run outside, along the Hudson River, and I really love that. But I also do lots of boxing and jump rope training. I love to really sweat and have a tough workout and so my best workouts are mostly cardio. They do good but they make you feel good at the same time.”


4. Alessandra Ambrosio:  Alessandra Ambrosio is mom of two and have managed to juggle it all, including living a healthy lifestyle with insane workout routines. Lucky for us they’ve revealed their secrets, now it’s up to us if we can keep up!
“I do the Brazil Butt Lift class. I think I’m in better shape now than I was 10 years ago, but it takes a bigger toll – I get back pain!” she said

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5. Lindsay Ellingson :“I do yoga all of the time – I go to an amazing studio called Yoga216 in New York. It’s hot yoga and so it really gets you in shape. I’ve also added Muay Thai which is a whole new thing for me, I’ve never done boxing before. It’s intense, but fun and exhilarating to get out all of that energy. I do private lessons with my husband and it’s a really fun thing to do together.”


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