Things You should Not Stop Doing In Your Relationship

Oct 24, 2014: Relationships are made in heaven–what made in heaven never broke— these are old sayings. Now-days a couple should have to do extra work to keep their relationship unbreakable.

Here are few things that a couple should not stop doing in relationship because it worth for lifetime…

Having Fun Together
Remember the fun you had together. Do not stop doing things that made you fall for each other. Laugh at your partner’s jokes and share the good old times. Do not turn him/her down when he/she suggests a romantic walk one evening, TV can wait. Sometimes, skip a day at work and do your favourite thing together.

Keep Flirting With Each Other
Flirting is important to keep the spark alive in a long-term relationship. So, reignite the fire you have for your spouse with sweet and sensual flirting. Stare at your wife when she comes into the room. Let her catch you staring, and give her a wink and tell her she looks good. For girls, grab his biceps as he walks by and then nod approvingly. And yes, do not forget to hold hands while watching a movie in theatre or at home.

Being Intimate
Surprising your partner in the shower because you want some steamy love is a good idea. Sex should not be reserved only for nights and bedrooms. Try new positions and new places.

Adjusting To Their Needs & Taste
Compromise is the base of every successful relationship. Settle for a show you both can enjoy, when she wants to watch Desperate Housewives and he wants to watch the game. Try to enjoy (or at least tolerate) things your partner likes. Show some interest when she complains about the colour of someone’s dress or why he thinks Messi is a better player than Ronaldo.

Maintain Your Own Space
Maintain your privacy and the mystique of your body. Even if you are living together, do not clean your ears or clip your toenails in front of your partner. Keep your body complaints to yourself, as usually the more comfortable you get in a relationship, the more you may start complaining how bad you feel about yourself. It is better to take care of yourself instead of constantly speaking about the problems.

Dressing Up
Being in a relationship is no excuse for stopping to look good. Swipe on some lip gloss or put on your best t-shirt even if you are just running errands. Look good even if you are not trying to impress your partner with looks anymore.

Giving Surprises
Do the unexpected; seduce your partner in a totally new way. Pick up his favourite beer or her favourite ice-cream on your way home. Plan a surprise date or candle-light dinner at home at least once in a month.

Saying I Love You
It is most important to proclaim your love for your partner. You must make your partner feel how important they are in your life. With time, no matter how much we love our spouse, we tend to take them for granted. So, it is essential to express your love from time to time.

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