Tips To Celebrate This Diwali With Family

Oct 20, 2014: The festival of lights, Diwali, brings together families and smiles on children’s faces. If every child eagerly waits to wake up only to burst crackers, families settled outside plan their trips back home to be with relatives.

So, if you are not escaping the city for a long holiday and are looking to make this a memorable festival with family, here are a couple of things you could do to give it a completely fun touch.

Makeover Time For Your Home
Cleaning the home and giving it a complete makeover is probably the best way for a family to bond. This Diwali, give your home a new feel, be it simply by changing the bedsheets and drapes or moving the furniture around a bit. You could, as a family, even make the entrance to your house colourful with intricate rangoli patterns. This process of cleaning during Diwali not only signifies a new beginning, but also brings a lot of laughter and chatter in the house making it festive.

Contribute To A Cause
Decide on a common cause that you and your family resonate with and take a noteworthy initiative. If yours is a family that loves children, there’s no better way than to celebrate it with children at an orphanage. If you’re animal lovers, adopt a few pets and give them a new home. If you don’t have the time to indulge actively in social causes, make a donation in cash or kind to an important cause. That way, your festival will be meaningful and satisfactory.

Light Lamps
No Diwali is complete without lights. Sure, crackers make their way home, but lighting lamps is a more involving activity. Arrange a series of traditional lamps around the house, outside and inside, and involve the entire family in lighting them. Since all the lamps need to be lit together, it is necessary for the entire family to be involved. These lamps will brighten up your home and bring alive the festive mood.


Music & Dance Night
Indians love song and dance irrespective of the occasion. So, if you want your Diwali to be full of dhamaka, laughter, fun and frolic, organize a music-and-dance party at home. While you could begin the evening with a traditional Lakshmi Puja, you could end it with delicious food preparations and some high-energy music and dance. Some Bollywood dance numbers that involve the family celebrating together should definitely make it to your playlist.

1 Day Trip
No, we’re not talking about a tourist destination or an adventure camp. We’re talking about a trip to some unexplored temples on the outskirts of the city. Temples in the city might be crowded and not so much fun, but a one-day trip to some traditional spots can make your festival worthwhile. While the elders of the family will enjoy being in the divine presence, the youngsters will be excited for the drive.

Sweets and Indian festivals go hand in hand. It’s therefore a must to mention the various sweets that are prepared and exchanged between families and friends during Diwali. And since there will be a lot of sweets on offer during the festival, it’s only fair to sit the family together for a sweet-eating competition. You could even bet on who the winner is likely to be and maybe bag gifts if you win.

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