Tips To Get A Firmer & Younger-Looking Neck

Jan 1, 2015: Women leave no stone un-turned to take proper care of their skin, especially when it comes to their face. Be it the best beauty products, salon treatments or homemade treatments, they go that extra mile to make sure that every inch of their skin looks flawless and young. But in doing all this, what most women commonly forget is, to pay attention to their neck.

Here is a fun fact that we are sure most women are not aware of. Do you know that skin on your neck is thinner than that on your face? And, here is something more- your neck can actually reveal your true age even before it becomes visible on any other body part. Well, it is all true. However, this can be stopped, or at least delayed, if you start taking care of your neck as well, starting right now.

Here are some tips and tricks on how you can take care of your neck to keep it looking young forever…

=> Avoid Harsh Soaps
While washing the face, we always use a face wash or a gentle cleanser as the facial skin is very delicate. Following the same mantra, always use your face wash on the neck as well. The skin on your neck is thinner than that on the face. Soaps that contain harsh chemicals tend to damage the skin that is softer compared to the rest of your body. You could also use shower gels, which have a very mild pH balance.

=> Use Makeup Remover
While removing makeup, women very conveniently forget to remove the base that was applied on the neck area. Avoid doing so, as the skin on the neck has pores as well. Makeup that stays on it overnight tends to seep into them, thus blocking the pores. Blocked pores in turn lead to making the skin on the neck sag, age and look dull. Remove the makeup on the neck area using absorbent cotton balls and a good makeup remover in an upward motion.

=> Exfoliate
As you do for the face, always use a mild toner on the neck area in a gentle upward motion followed by proper exfoliation. Exfoliate for a minimum of two minutes to a maximum duration of four minutes, and follow it by applying a sunscreen with good SPF. Also, use a night cream on the neck while massaging it nicely on the entire neck.

=> Avoid Packs That Crack
Face packs that dry up very quickly and make the skin stiff should not be applied on the neck area. The reason being, the cracks that these packs cause due to the stiffening, can lead to formation of fine lines on the skin. Packs with gram flour, atta or mud and clay in particular should be avoided on the neck.

=> Remedies From Your Kitchen
Following are a few natural packs you can make using the ingredients available in your kitchen or garden for a beautiful looking neck.
…. Mashed pumpkin for about 15 minutes thrice a week.
…. Malai for 15 minutes four to five times a week only.
…. A mashed almond and milk scrub twice a week.
…. A honey and egg white mask for 15 minutes to get rid of fine lines on the neck.
…. Olive oil mixed with a ripe banana for 10 minutes at least twice a week.

=> The Right Way To Massage
Massaging the neck skin in a proper way plays a very important role in its appearance in the longer run. Gentle vertical strokes starting from down and moving upwards with minimum pressure, is the correct way to massage your neck. Too much pressure, heavy circular and criss-cross movements, or top to bottom movement, can ruin the skin completely. The duration of any neck massage should also not exceed 15 minutes in order to avoid straining of the neck.

=> The Correct Oil
Using the correct oil is also important for neck skin care. Oils such as eucalyptus oil, rose oil and olive oil are very good for the skin. Coconut oil being heavy and sticky can be avoided or used in less quantity.

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