Tips To Know If A Man Is Interested In You Or Not

Jan 8, 2016: Not many women like to take the first step in breaking the ice with the man they are interested in. They expect men to approach them. If you have someone in mind and have been wondering if he is interested in you, then you may observe him for a few days before arriving at a conclusion.

Here are easy tips to know if a man is interested in you or not…

=> How Often He Connect With You
If he is proactive and takes initiatives to connect with you through phone calls, text messages, whatsapp or social media platforms, then that’s a positive sign.

=> He Is Attentive While You Speak
If he is attentive, listens to your words carefully, then it means he values you.

=> Spare Time For You
No matter how busy he is, he will make time to speak with you or meet you.

=> Read Your Emotions Through Your Expressions
If you are upset, sad, happy or thrilled about something, even if you don’t discuss the same with him, he will be able to read your mood from your facial expressions. He will be able to listen to your unsaid words.

=> Being Gentle & Chivalrous In Approach
When men are genuinely interested in women, they will never touch her with a flirtatious intension. They treat their ladylove with respect, love, admiration and care. If a man looks for opportunities to touch you, then he may not be the one!

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