Tips To Make Your Love Making Session More Kinkier

Jan 13, 2016: Experimenting in the bedroom is a great idea. You want to do all sorts of sinful things to your man, and wondering where to start? Well, we are here to help.

Here are some tips to make your love making session more kinkier…

=> Keep Your Panties On
Wearing underwear can really hot up the session. It can be pleasurable torture to play with each other, teasing and stroking through the fabric. It acts like foreplay where you are building up the anticipation, so that when you finally do have skin-on-skin contact, it’ll be that much more explosive and exciting.

=> Do For Movie-style
Every Hollywood movie has one scene where the couple is doing it standing up – against a wall, stairs, behind a door, etc. So what is stopping you from doing it too? Not only will such a quickie have your adrenaline rush up, it will make you agile on your feet! Pick a moment, but don’t tell him about it and pounce. A hot, wet kiss and the urgency will have him reacting in a way he’s never done before.

=> A Makeover
Jump into the shower with him for a quick, hot make-out session. Change out of your cotton panties into a lacy thong. You could also cuddle up behind him while he is preparing breakfast. Whisper in his ear a play-by-play of exactly what it is you plan to do to him tonight. Tell him about your hot dream.

=> Are You A Shy Gal
Some women may be shy during sex and when you ask them what is it that they would like, they may get nervous and feel it is too demanding to state. What you can do is to try broaching the subject with your partner in a different setting, where you can express your desires in a more relaxed way. How about cuddling up to him while watching a sexy scene on TV and whispering if you could try that out! Your partner will love you for it, so don’t worry please.

=> Be A Wild Child
There’s something deliciously dangerous about doing it in a non-private area, which could be on the beach or a park, a lift or even a restaurant restroom. You may need to be careful with insects and itchy grass if you are in a park area, and sand is very abrasive so you may want to have a blanket handy. Be prepared for embarrassment if you do have an unwanted visitor. Also please note, there are laws against indecent exposure in public places, so if you care caught, have an explanation ready!

=> Eyes Open Wide
Try not to switch off the light tonight, as you will be turned on by what you see. Don’t be self-conscious as both men and women are stimulated by erotic visuals, according to an Archives of Sexual Behavior study. Try keeping the lights on and your eyes open (this also aids communication, as you can see what pleases your partner). Making love in front of mirrors or using video cameras is a variation on the same theme. The effort pays off. Once you begin to appreciate foreplay as an integral part of sexual satisfaction and the stronger marriage that comes with it, will always be just one short step away.

=> Sleep In The Buff
Skin on silk or even fine cotton is a heady combination. Try dropping your inhibitions and step by step to sleeping with no clothes on. You may find sleep difficult as you are not used to it, but trust me, it will lead to sexy dreams, a tantalizing cuddle… and plentiful more.

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