Tips To Make Your Woman To Reach Her Orgasm

Jan 26, 2015: An orgasm is the climax of sexual excitement & it is not different from an electrical condenser, building up arousal until a firing threshold is reached.

If you’re looking for guaranteed methods that will make your woman to reach the orgasm, So here are some ways to create these sparks every time.

=> Brain Leads To Orgasm
If she’s comfortable with you, then that’s a step in the right direction. If she’s cool with walking around naked in front of you and discussing sex and what she likes, then orgasm is just a clitoral rub away. Her brain is the focal point of her orgasm. If she is able to let go and embrace total abandon with you, then she can most definitely reach those heights of pleasure you’re hoping for. And hey, it wouldn’t hurt if you were physically fit, either. If you have never discussed sex with her, now’s the time to do so. Discuss what you enjoy doing to each other, what stimulates you, what you fantasize about. And if she seems to back out of the room slowly after you make love, she’s probably not feeling very secure about her body. Compliment parts of her body so that she knows you think she’s hot.

=> Send A ‘Verbal Foreplay’ Text
Researchers now believe that emotional intimacy plays a sizeable role in a woman’s sexual response cycle, which means that you best back your brain up from that initial point of groping-and-kissing and re-think your foreplay plan all together. So start seducing her without having to make love to her all the time. Anticipation can be one of the greatest aphrodisiacs. Grab her and give her a deep kiss for no reason. Talk about what you plan to do to her sexually when you take her out for dinner. These little things will keep her mind working when you’re finally penetrating.

=> Relax Her
Make it a point to get her in a relaxed environment, and remember to stoke that fire slowly. Most women require a full 15 to 20 minutes of sexual arousal and activity to reach orgasm with a partner.

Young lovers in bed kissing.

=> Compliment Her Body
When you’re in the midst of the act, you’re probably thinking a combination of “Yes! It’s happening!” and “Well done, bro! She’s hot.” But a woman’s mind, on the other hand, might be somewhere in between, “Oh no. Does my ass look huge?” and “I hope he doesn’t notice.” Since study after study has shown that even minor body image issues can inhibit her ability to enjoy sex, get aroused, and reach orgasm, do what you can in the moment to make her feel attractive and comfortable. You think she’s hot, right? So tell her…again and again.

=> Physical Foreplay
There are a whole lot of ways to bring your woman to indescribable heights of pleasure, but if you use “combination-elation” on her body, her chances of reaching such heights will increase tenfold. Kissing her & rubbing her body might not serve to give her an orgasm directly, but her body will become more in tune and her excitement will hone her sexual senses, leading to bigger and better things. Kiss her mouth softly, using your tongue to massage her lips and tongue. While you’re doing that, use your hands to softly but firmly grasp her body and rub everything from her legs to her neck. Purposely avoid touching her breasts and vagina because that’s what she’s expecting you to do.

=> Go For Doggy Style
Position is certainly a personal preference but there’s some science that makes a case for foregoing good old missionary and entering her from behind.

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