Tips To Remove Eye Make-Up Safely!

Oct 11, 2014: In this festive season, it does not matter how tired you are after a a super party, cleaning your makeup before going to bed is an absolute must. If you leave your makeup on for longer than necessary or over night it can clog your pores, especially if you have a thick makeup on. This may later lead to breakouts, skin irritation and in some cases skin infections.

Make sure you remove your eye makeup before going to bed as you don’t want bags under them the next day morning. We know it is difficult to remove eye makeup because of the sensitive area around your eyes, but if this makeup is not removed in the right way, it can lead to blackening of the skin around the eyes and may even form wrinkles. So it is best to use a good eye makeup remover on a cotton pad or baby oil and work on your eyes gently.

Step-by-Step Remove Your Make-Up

=> Take round cotton pads, cut them into half and soak them in water. Place it under your eyes.

=> Take a cotton pad soaked in eye makeup remover or baby oil. Place this on the eyelid, hold it there for a few seconds for the product to work into the eyeshadow and loosen it.

=> Then just rub it off gently brushing the lashes downwards.

=> Any residue left can be removed using a Q tip dipped in eye makeup remover or baby oil.

=> First work on your upper lid and then, do the same on the lower lid.

=> Then, gently remove makeup from under your lower lash line.

And you are done. Clean eyes and no mess!

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