Tips To Stay Warm During Winter

Nov 24, 2014: Like the songs says, winter really can be the most wonderful time of the year. But being cold takes all the fun out of it! Luckily, there are many ways to stay warm, even in the coldest of climates, and the following guide will help you keep cozy while you enjoy fresh snow, holiday parties and the many other joys that winter has to offer.

Dress Warmly
Warm clothing, especially when it’s layered, not only prevents exposure, it also helps retain body heat. Wear a warm hat and thick socks. We lose most of our body heat through our head and feet. Layer your clothing. Long underwear is thin, so it fits easily under most everyday clothing, including jeans and shirt. Bundle up with a fleece or a woolen sweater for extra warmth. Wear comfortable pajamas, thick socks and heavy clothing while you are inside a private house.

Cuddle Up Under Blankets
Keep blankets on your couch so that you can wrap yourself up while reading or watching TV, and get extra blankets to sleep with.

Use A Hot Water Bottle
Water retains heat for a long time, making hot water bottles an affordable and effective way to stay warm. You can use one while sitting at your desk or watching television, and a water bottle under the blankets will keep your bed warm through the night.

Consume Warm Foods & Beverages
Delicious winter soups and hot cocoa are part of the fun of the season. Hot tea and coffee, and substantial foods like pizza, meat and toast will keep your body warm as well.

Take Hot Baths
They’re a nice way to relax your muscles, especially after a stressful day, and can warm you up in no time. If you really want to relax, add some candles and soothing music. Be sure to dry off well afterwards.

Utilize Your Body Heat
Find a place to get cozy, wrap yourself in army-style 100% wool thick blankets and slowly but surely your trapped body heat will warm you right up!

Get Up & Get Moving
An active body heats up quickly – run, dance, jump until you break a sweat. You can jump for a few minutes, ride an exercise cycle or dance to your favorite music. And if you don’t mind being a little cold at first, a mile’s walk around the neighborhood will get you sweating pretty quickly.

Keep Your House Warm
Patch up any drafty areas you might have in your house. Prevent cold from coming in through windows with double-paned glass. Make sure the rubber strip at the base of your door is nice and tight, so that cold air can’t blow through. If you have a fireplace, keep the flue closed. Cold air can blow in from the chimney. Build a fire. Both fireplaces and campfires keep you nice and toasty. If you do build a fire, be sure to open your flue, so that the smoke can escape through the chimney. Candles also generate warmth, however, they are a major fire hazard, so use them for illumination, rather than warmth. You can warm up your room by shutting windows, doors and curtains.

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