Tricks That Will Help You To Choose A Career Option

Dec 22, 2015: Career is a base of everyone’ life, its yiur identity, it gives you independence and self confidence also. It is impossible to reverse time and on the money spent over years into pursuing a career option. So, we need to be very sure while choosing a career option.

Hence, we have some tricks that will help you to choose a career option.

# Research On Eligibility Criteria: Every career option has an eligibility criteria attached. Age limit, education qualification, subject requirements, physical attributes like vision, height, weight etc. are part of eligibility criteria. To get into your chosen career option, fulfilling these criteria is very important.

# Ask A Career Counsellor: We do look for movie reviews when we are planning to watch it or check out ratings and reviews of a new restaurant we are about to dine in, then why do we fail to find out from a career counsellor and talk about our plans and seek opinions from them. After all, choosing a career option is a high involvement decision.

Regular professional advice will prepare you better for the future and you will be able to take a much more informed decision.

# Have A Career Diary: Keep a career diary with yourself, write down all the career options which appeals to you. Write down all questions related to it. Write down what your expectation is from your dream career. Writing will help you clearly see through your career goals and ask all right questions about it. It will prepare you for your dream career. Make this a habit.

# Know Your Interest & Aptitude: It is significant that we should not only explore various career options but also explore our own interest, aptitude, strengths and weaknesses. Self-awareness leads to a smarter career choice and hard work all the way appears easy.

There are various ways to know about your interest & aptitude. One of the popular and reliable method is taking psychometric career tests which gives indicative career profile. This method is widely used in developed countries to start with career exploration process.

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