Urvashi Rautela Clears Her Stand On Customs Issue

Sep 8, 2015: The sizzling and glamorous Urvashi Rautela who is seen in Bhaag Johnny’s chart-topping song ‘Daddy Mummy’, picturised on lead actor Kunal Khemmu and Urvashi herself, has won a million hearts and it now seems like the song is all set to become the Party Anthem of this year.

Recently Urvashi Rautela was in trouble, according to reports she was detained by the custom officials for gold without paying the custom duties. According to the reports she was caught when her luggage had passed through scanner, and only after checking the luggage they found out shoes worth 3.5 Lakh and jewellery worth 8 Lakhs which was not declared by Urvashi to Custom officials.

Actress Urvashi Rautela clears her stand on customs issue, she said, “It’s all wrong news my papers and everything were clear with the customs. But just for sake of their popularity they had made up these stories. Whatever remark they had made on me is false and the investigation is going on and I hope that truth come out very soon.”

The hottest, raunchiest chartbuster number of the year has got 2 million views, “I am really happy that video loved by my audience. I want to thanks them for their love.” she continued.

Urvashi was upset with such rumors as she has always adhered to law and those diamonds studded gold bangle were given to her by her father as a Birthday Gift.

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