Valentine Week: Celebrate ‘Teddy Day’ With These Cute Gifts!

Feb 10, 2015: Valentine week is all known for love, love and love. It is famous to celebrate love with your partner. And today is the fourth day of love which is celebrated as the ‘Teddy Day’.

On this day you can give your loved ones specially your partner – a cute teddy. Nowdays there are many varieties of teddy bears available in the market, in different sizes, in different colours, with diffrent slogans. So you have bunch of so many innovative teddies available in the market these days. Just choose the one which suits your love theme and you!

>> Bureau/Ritika Handoo:

The entire Valentine week from February 7-14 celebrates a special day, giving an excuse to us for taking at least some time off to make your loved ones feel important. Today happens to be ‘Teddy Day’ in the Valentine calendar, and we are sure you must be wondering what to gift on this day?


>> Teddy Hug:

Yes! It’s not just about buying a material present for your friends or someone special but also about feeling the emotion of love. And when you truly experience that feeling, just go and give a tight teddy hug to your partner/friend. A hug can be the most beautiful gift to anyone!


>> Teddy Love:

Sounds confusing? When you can give a teddy hug and why not confess your love. You can either pamper your loved ones in a cute teddy style or make them believe that today—you are indeed their own exclusive ‘teddy’!


>> Teddy Bear:

Aww…who on earth has not played with a teddy bear. Well, at least most of us have. So, let’s assume you like soft toys. Even if you are an adult, if you look at a cute, fat teddy smiling at your from a toy shop, we are sure you go awww. Yes, the girls do it all the time. So, gift one cute teddy bear to your partner/ friend. Sometimes, it’s fine to go back to your childhood.


>> Teddy Cupcakes:

It’s important to thing out-of-the-box, right? So, if you are planning to surprise your loved one today, then you can place an order for teddy style cupcakes. Sounds cool, isn’t it? You can get these made from special cake shops and enjoy a meal together.


‘YoungIndia‘ wishing you all a ‘Cute Teddy Day

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