Valentines Week Starts With Rose Day!

Feb 7, 2015: Rose Day is the day of flowers and romance & it is the first day of Valentines week which is coming to make some epic moments in our life & the fragrance of roses will make us to remember this day.

To start this biggest festival of Love, grab some roses & wish your nears & dears ‘A Very Happy & Lovely Rose Day’. You can give the beautiful and colourful roses to your girlfriend, boyfriend, crush, best friend, siblings, wife, husband, mother and father and make their Rose day special and memorable.

But for celebrating the wonderful Rose day you might have to know that which coloured rose is used for which purpose, take a look….

=> Red Rose
Red rose is the symbol of love and romance. This rose is given by girlfriend to her boyfriend or boyfriend to his girlfriend, also wife to her husband or husband to his wife. To express your Feeling of Love about your Partner , you have to give Red rose to your partner.


=> Yellow Rose
Yellow rose is the symbol of friendship and hope. Yellow rose is given to the best Friend. It represents the true friendship. It also suggest to never loose hope in any critical condition.


=> White Rose
White rose is the symbol of peace, cleanliness and sympathy. If you want to say “Sorry” to someone, give them a white rose.


=> Pink Rose
Pink rose is the symbol of love, careness and pleasure. It represents passion. The pink rose is widely given to the small kids and children.


=> Blue Rose
Blue rose is the symbol of energy and creativity.


=> Orange Rose
It is the symbol of joy, happiness, delightness.


History Of Rose Day
Rose Day is also known as Alexandra Rose Day because Rose day was first celebrated on 7th of February 1912 by King Edward VII for 50th anniversary of the arrival of Queen Alexandra of Denmark. On request of queen the sale of roses will be increase the funds of London. But now-days it is celebrated as starting day of love in Valentines Week.

In the 18th century, a special rose language evolved as a means of communication between lovers who were compelled to keep their feelings a secret due to social bondages.

YoungIndia‘ wishing you all a very happy & colourful rose day. Go & get some roses as per your purpose & celebrate rose day.

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