Veet Baljit Unveils The Reality Of Punjab In His New Track ‘Kurta’

Apr 7, 2016 (Neha): Ace lyricist of Punjabi music industry Veet Baljit who gave birth to many Punjabi tracks. The Artist is come back with his brand new track ‘Kurta’. The song featured beautiful Actress Amann Grewal and Veet Baljit in lead role. ‘Kurta’ depicts the reality of Punjabi woman. After a long time Punjabi Music Industry witnesses a meaningful song ‘Kurta’.

The song narrates the story of Rano (Amann Grewal) who is waiting for her husband (Veet Baljit) who is in foreign country for the sake of livelihood. The song is beautifully directed by Kamalpreet Johny. The speciality of the video is that the voice over is given by the super star Dijit Dosanjh.

Amann Grewal played her character wonderfully. The video of the song is heart touching and highly emotional. Beautifully penned lyrics by Dev TharikeWala which reveals the emotions of a woman. Veet Baljit successfully narrates the story in his voice. The highly sensible video of ‘Kurta’ is directed by Kamalpreet Johny and music is given by Ranjha Yaar. It is released under the label of Amar Audio.

While talking to YoungIndia Amann Grewal shared about her experience. The Actress said that, “This song is not my debut song. My first song was Preet harpal’s ‘Zindagi’ which was released in 2014. Experience with Veet Baljit was so good. We were meet on the set of “Romeo Ranjha”, at that time he said that we will work together. Recently he offered ‘Kurta’ for lead role. The concept was good, sensible and I said yes. After the release of this track many offers came to me but I will prefer to work only in a meaningful song or I can say performance oriented track.

=> You have changed your name from Amann Grewal to Dristi, why?
Yes, I did. Because Amann is a common name and our Punjabi Industry have many Artists of this name. As you know BCL Punjab is going on and I am in the team of “Royal Patialvi” and the team owners were approached a wrong person (another Aman from Indusytry) because of common name.

And in PTC awards they were tried to approach me through social media, but was unable because of the same problem. So, I decided to change my name but but……. I haven’t annonce it officially, I will do it after PTC Film Awards.

Watch Veet Baljit’s track “Kurta” here……….

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