Why To Run A Marathon

Sep 17, 2014: If you’re new to running, or new to marathons, you might be intimidated by the distance.A lot of serious and regular runners will swear by the fact that running everyday, be it for a marathon or not, is the most rewarding experience that one can have.

If you still think that running is ridiculous or consider running 40-odd kilometres (42.2 kms to be precise), as punishment, then, think again. Here are six reasons why running a marathon is good for you.

It’s the start of a healthier lifestyle: At the end of the day, nothing bad can come out of running. You will get more exercise, be fit and what’s more – in great shape! Remember that New Year resolution to lose weight? Training to run a marathon can help you keep your promise to yourself.
To get your marathoner medal: Nothing can match the feeling of crossing the finish line at a marathon, except maybe getting your marathoner medal. It gives you a sense of achievement and purpose.

Challenge yourself: Sure, there are several moments when you doubt your own capabilities. What’s more, you compete with yourself to run the next one, beating your own time.

Helps make friends for life: Joining a running club is the best way to connect with people who share the same goals as you. Who knows, you might even make a buddy for life!

To give back to society in some way: With more marathons being associated with a cause, participating in one can give you a sense of satisfaction. The satisfaction arises from the fact that you are giving back to the society in one way or another.

To devote some much-needed time for yourself: Running with some great music plugged into your ears every morning is the perfect excuse to devote some time to yourself.

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