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Summer Trends to have on your radar

Chandigarh 20 March: The sun is out and your schedule is finally clearing up now that classes are out for the summer. You get to ditch the routine clothes and shove your sweatpants into the back of your closet because swimsuit season is right around the corner- so yeah, it’s basically the best time of year. In search of summer inspo for pool parties, beach trips, and grad trips? We’ve rounded up the biggest 2023 summer fashion trends to cop in the weeks ahead.
Summer is here, and it’s time to refresh our wardrobes and embrace the latest fashion trends. But with rising temperatures, it can be a challenge to find clothes that are both comfortable and stylish.
Tank tops are perfect for summers as they are comfortable and give you a chic and easy breezy look. Tank tops are versatile and comfortable and can be styled in numerous ways. Layer it with a jacket, blazer, or long or short shrug, depending on the occasion and the ambience.
Pair your tank top with a midi or maxi skirt that can create an elegant look. A floral or printed skirt can add a pop of colour to the outfit.
Kaftans are typically made from lightweight and breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen, making them perfect for hot weather

Warmer days call for easy-flowing kaftan dresses. You can choose the length per your comfort; opt for a long flowy Kaftan dress or a shorter one. Whether you like bold prints, floral, or just solids, the options are endless and are perfect for a casual setting.

Plaid and tartan skirts are hugely versatile, all we suggest is that you swerve dark V-neck jumpers and classic white shirts to avoid getting mistaken for a rebellious truant. You can try out a glen plaid, which consists of small and large checks in muted neutrals (black, gray, brown) that often have thin stripes of color (red, blue, green) running through the material. This pattern looks great in pants, skirts, and blazers. You might also try a window pane plaid, where the intersecting lines are farther apart. Good in a skirt or jacket. And then there is houndstooth—a plaid that tends to be very busy to the eye, so needs to be kept to a smaller area like a skirt.


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